Bobby Dandridge | Hall of Fame Enshrinement Speech

Published on Sep 11, 2021
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Check out Bob Dandridge full speech following his induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame!

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  • James C. Williams

    James C. Williams

    18 hours ago

    I had no idea he wasn't in already. The epitome of a professional. He let his game do the talking. I am SO happy for him. Great speech too.

  • Henry


    2 days ago

    He kinda looks like an older Chris Rock

  • makepeaceu


    3 days ago

    Loved Bobby Dandridge as a kid. Team player. Kareem and Big O needed him. A smooth Operator. Congrats.

  • Alexandros Simitzis

    Alexandros Simitzis

    4 days ago

    That was an awesome speech and God bless you and your loved ones! And keep preaching about "time management!"

  • Apollo Creed

    Apollo Creed

    4 days ago

    God bless you brother Bob Dandridge!!!!

  • Mz. Cece E.

    Mz. Cece E.

    4 days ago


  • Restless Mind

    Restless Mind

    5 days ago

    A true depiction of class in a human being.. Mr. Dandridge, I tried to be you on the court when I was young. Thank you sir, thank you so very much.

  • Ben_The_Kidd


    5 days ago

    My grandma is his friend students high school

  • Rhonda Maddox

    Rhonda Maddox

    5 days ago

    Congratulations Pick! It was the joy of my week as a child to watch you and fellas play on Friday nights. I gave up Jack n Jill and many youthful opportunities to be at those games. Times that ring clear in my memory. It was an honor. Go Spartan, the legacy continues. Behold the green and gold!💛💚

  • Dana London

    Dana London

    5 days ago

    Bob Dandridge just showed what it looks like to be the GOAT in the mastery of life, not just basketball. Kudos, my friend. Well-deserved!

  • samuel warrick

    samuel warrick

    5 days ago

    Congratulations fellow NSU Spartan.

  • Pyongsoo Yoon

    Pyongsoo Yoon

    5 days ago

    Bobby D!

  • Jim Skenadore

    Jim Skenadore

    5 days ago

    One of the best post up players with that awesome turn around J. Thank God it was faster than his speech😅

    • Aldred Warren

      Aldred Warren

      4 days ago

      I enjoyed listening to his slow and deliberate speech.

  • Elsie holmes

    Elsie holmes

    5 days ago

    Congratulations Your speech was awesome I thank you for the dinners you so graciously treated me to as I was a tag along with your baby sister in NSU.. I love the way you shouted out the HBCU’s of the South..God is definitely your all & all, you let that be known..Glory!! Your family is beautiful💕&🦋kissses



    5 days ago

    Grace and Mercy is a testament to be lived in the community, serving on Boards, at Church, in life.

  • Greg Lewis

    Greg Lewis

    6 days ago

    That was a wonderful speech! As a Washington Bullets/Wizards fan, I was fortunate enough to see him play and meet him in person. He is a class act. To the younger generation, he was like Kawhi Leonard.

  • Leoven Filio

    Leoven Filio

    6 days ago

    Now Webber cant complain that it took for him to be inducted. Mr Dandridge never complained… great person

    • 1990758


      5 days ago

      Today's nba players will always complain

  • Prof3ssor ***

    Prof3ssor ***

    6 days ago

    Legendary right here!

  • dusttaker


    6 days ago

    This was KD before KD!

    • Charley Masubed

      Charley Masubed

      4 days ago

      Wow... I didn't know that 😳

  • Edward Richardson

    Edward Richardson

    6 days ago

    Wonderful speech Bobby D., Edward Richardson, Medellín,Colombia 😀Blessings

  • Marvin Childs

    Marvin Childs

    6 days ago

    Long overdue coach

  • Thabani Dube

    Thabani Dube

    6 days ago

    Why Chris Webber in the Hall of Fame ??

    • 1990758


      5 days ago

      It's gonna be very easy for this generation of players to get in the basketball hall of fame. With little or any accomplishments.

  • E Cov

    E Cov

    6 days ago

    congrats OG!

  • New Concepts YT

    New Concepts YT

    6 days ago

    Wow. What a speech.



    6 days ago

    As a 14 year old kid in Virginia at his basketball camp in 1974 I got a chance to play him one on one and he smoked me in gracious fashion...I loved every minute of it...The great Bobby Dandrige...

    • Ben_The_Kidd


      5 days ago

      My grandma is his friend students high school

  • 183hans


    6 days ago

    Wow this was the best speech of them all. Just great.

    • 1990758


      5 days ago

      Is old school all the way

  • CPGoat #3

    CPGoat #3

    6 days ago

    Took way too long. Congrats OG!!

  • C Austin

    C Austin

    6 days ago

    Legendary speech 🎤

  • Wali Bashir

    Wali Bashir

    6 days ago

    Bobby D hit the hammer on the nail when he talked about there was no such thing as Time Management (Load Management) when he played. He also talked about getting matched up with Connie, Elgin, & Rick in a 4 day span. All that while scoring more points in the finals than anyone in the 70s. Can't forget 2 chips, 2 different teams, playing with 2 HOFers on both teams. Finally getting his flowers. Way passed due.

    • Mick A

      Mick A

      4 days ago

      I admit I hated the Bullets (b4 Bobby D) back then. But I was happy for him when they won. Hayes & Unseld couldn't finish, but Bobby got em over hump.

    • 1990758


      5 days ago

      Exactly I'm glad he made that comment low load management

  • sean connathon

    sean connathon

    6 days ago

    Now that was a speech!

  • Earlis Marks

    Earlis Marks

    7 days ago

    Wow glad to see Bobby go in I was starting to think he might not live to see it happen so glad I was wrong...

  • Travis Garnett

    Travis Garnett

    7 days ago


  • Tong Zou

    Tong Zou

    7 days ago

    Finally! A key part of 2 championship teams. I hope fellow Bucks legend Marques Johnson will get in soon too!

  • S Pulliam

    S Pulliam

    7 days ago

    Great fn speech Bobby. You deserve it family.

  • Anthony Pathfinder

    Anthony Pathfinder

    7 days ago

    Well deserved! Growing up, this is the guy I emulated on the court when I was growing up. I patterned my jump shot after Bobby D., my guy! I never quite got it but I got enough. Massive respect!!

  • yo boi shad

    yo boi shad

    7 days ago

    the goat in hall of fame

  • Ahanu Frank

    Ahanu Frank

    7 days ago

    Bobby d the first gold card I ever got in 2k

  • Аркадий Сиянов

    Аркадий Сиянов

    7 days ago


  • Bolts Duce

    Bolts Duce

    7 days ago

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  • Coach Darren

    Coach Darren

    7 days ago

    Bobby D was an awesome all around two way player when he played on offense and defense. And he is a two time champion with the Bucks and Washington. Well overdue took to long but well deserved welcome to the NBA HALL OF FRAME! Bobby D!!!!!

  • Cynthia Henry

    Cynthia Henry

    7 days ago


  • Erin Jacob

    Erin Jacob

    7 days ago


  • JPFor3


    7 days ago


  • Harlan Sivapalan

    Harlan Sivapalan

    7 days ago

    Let's go finally he's in the hall of fame

  • Jaden Bonzon

    Jaden Bonzon

    7 days ago