Chris Webber | Hall of Fame Enshrinement Speech

Published on Sep 11, 2021
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Check out ChrisWebber's full speech following his induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame!

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  • jkid323


    2 hours ago

    @8:07 akwardddddddddddd, dead silence for about 10 seconds and Chris wanted a moment for the audience to clap and no one did lol... until the crowed realized they were forced to clap lol 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • jeveuxquelateleportationexiste


    8 hours ago

    Hof deserves C-Webb

  • Shon John

    Shon John

    9 hours ago

    What did he do to get in hall of Fame, lolol 😂 WTF

  • Michael Gilmore TV

    Michael Gilmore TV

    9 hours ago

    Morehouse College is HONORED to have you as an Instructor to teach young, African American men about sports, professionalism and social justice! Your speech proves why you are apart of the faculty: brilliant, smart, well dressed, well educated, well spoken, well traveled and just an outstanding professional NBA player that didn’t go broke🏀👍🏿💯🙏🏿💙💰👑.

  • Casual Gaming & more by Kigama

    Casual Gaming & more by Kigama

    13 hours ago

    Chris Webber is in the hall of fame, Jalen Rose isn't.😉

  • AHMAD2423


    14 hours ago

    Shot's fired at Jalen when he referred to how good Isaiah Thomas had been to him and his Family from the beginning financially. Which is why he said I never had to take a Dime from nobody "

  • Mario Sanchez

    Mario Sanchez

    16 hours ago

    One of the best hall of fame speech if not the best

  • Mukul Vij

    Mukul Vij

    18 hours ago

    One of the best HOF Speeches ever👏Congrats C.Webb

  • Justin Mason

    Justin Mason

    19 hours ago

    So happy my dude webb made it in. Grew up in Sac and those years were amazing being a young kid and watching a small market in my home town make so much noise. Congrats man. You deserve it

  • jermaineonealnumber7


    20 hours ago

    I saw CWebb in Barcelona during the 76ers 2006 Europe Live Tour. He was with Sammy Dalembert. He was so cool and took the time for a photo-op. I'll never forget that day. Later on we met Iggy near the Hard Rock Café. Well deserving CWebb!

  • ayske1


    22 hours ago

    I remember seeing him do a 360 dunk during an all star game thinking he was the coolest PF to play the game (during the 90s)

  • A.C.P products

    A.C.P products

    Day ago

    love Cwebb molded me as a youth. Got a chance to meet Jimmy King. very cool dude.

  • BBBT


    Day ago

    Damn Refs robbed him of a ring!!!! Bull shit

  • Mr. Upendo

    Mr. Upendo

    Day ago

    CWebb should have been in the hall 10 years ago. The league was frontin' on him heavy. He's more than just a basketball player but a historian & student of Black history. Respect to Mr. Webber.

  • Eagle287 Ruby

    Eagle287 Ruby

    Day ago

    “Just imagine if Shaq didn’t demand the magic trade C-Webb! Would have been ….legend…..wait for it ….….dary!!!” Barney S.

  • You Tuber

    You Tuber

    Day ago

    I really love olajuwon almost as much abdul-jabbar chamberlain and russell

  • You Tuber

    You Tuber

    Day ago

    he didn't face robertson abdul-jabbar chamberlain and russell

  • You Tuber

    You Tuber

    Day ago

    he was elite

  • You Tuber

    You Tuber

    Day ago

    i somewhat like webber

  • Hector Lopez

    Hector Lopez

    Day ago

    Big shot Rob didn't let him and the kings win the NBA championship in 2002.

  • Hector Lopez

    Hector Lopez

    Day ago

    The greatest Sacramento kings player.

  • Hector Lopez

    Hector Lopez

    Day ago

    I think he would of won an NBA title if horry didn't make that shot to win it.

  • Mike


    Day ago

    Awesome speech!! One of my favourite player in college and I’m so happy for CWebb to finally get the recognition as a great player.
    Congrats CWebb.

  • Saater Samson Awuapila

    Saater Samson Awuapila

    Day ago

    What a speech!

  • dee brown

    dee brown

    Day ago

    Congrats c web ....people don't understand how good you were as a basketball player at the time playing with getting paid and the college and now it's the thing now so how can you be blamed for that secondly nobody ever question let me say it again nobody ever question LeBron James I'm driving a Hummer in high school with a single mom that wasn't working but that's all I got to say about that Forrest Gump voice

  • Randy Whitehead

    Randy Whitehead

    Day ago

    A great man!!

  • Marcus Flowers

    Marcus Flowers

    Day ago

    One of my favorite players of all time.. I loved those Sacramento teams... Awesome speech!!!!

  • C Kyung

    C Kyung

    Day ago

    He's a beast and deserves this honor. He looks like he could still play, damn, congrats 👏

  • Ben Hart Art

    Ben Hart Art

    2 days ago

    I used to collect Chris Webber basketball cards back in 1994, welcome Chris :)
    Also I collected Anfernee Hardway (Penny) basketball cards, I think penny should get into the HOF also

  • Don Brito

    Don Brito

    2 days ago

    humility, eloquence, gratitude, heartfelt “thank yous” .… all rolled into one HOF greatest speech ever … much respect and admiration for PF CW4

  • Kywanda Woods

    Kywanda Woods

    2 days ago

    Just like his fellow Michigan alum, his hairline is on fleek!

  • Rashard Stallworth

    Rashard Stallworth

    2 days ago

    Great job

  • Romean Clark

    Romean Clark

    2 days ago

    Damn he’s just now going

  • Keith Sweat

    Keith Sweat

    2 days ago

    16:45 how he name off all the other Hall Of Famers except Chris Bosh



    2 days ago

    Much Gratitude

  • Chris Lee

    Chris Lee

    2 days ago

    Congrats CWEBB. We are proud of you!

  • E B

    E B

    2 days ago

    God's love shines out of C Webb

  • zab luoc

    zab luoc

    2 days ago

    Great speech... But seriously Chris Webber in the HOF....!!!
    I don't know but they kind of downgraded the standard or maybe they included his College career... OK good for him...

  • newzay50


    2 days ago

    Why would u make a man that honor the game this much wait to be in the hall of fame. Cwebb always been a leader

  • Louie Tzepher

    Louie Tzepher

    2 days ago

    Got damn, haven't cried this much in a while.

  • Treasures for Trigger

    Treasures for Trigger

    2 days ago

    C Web is all class . Loved him as a player and now I think I love him more as an ex-player - massive respect. Life goes on after the highs of life you gotta keep fighting ❤️

  • Ocsjc13


    2 days ago


  • Grzelsonable


    2 days ago

    Good to see CWebb in the HoF.

  • Jason Manzo

    Jason Manzo

    2 days ago


  • Jacquetta Ladson

    Jacquetta Ladson

    2 days ago

    Chris Webber... wonderful wonderful made me feel so proud ! God bless 🙌🏿🙏🏾❤ !

  • Jabbar in NewYork

    Jabbar in NewYork

    2 days ago


  • OnyoMeji


    3 days ago

    Chris Webber's speech was by far the best! I havent even heard all of them, but this one right here.....the best!

  • Felicia Moniq

    Felicia Moniq

    3 days ago

    Very poetic speech

  • Addi Waye

    Addi Waye

    3 days ago

    Wonderful speech. Congratulations C Webb.

  • kipaji


    3 days ago

    Beautiful speech, C-Webb! Congrats on your induction, and well deserved!

  • Hotobu


    3 days ago

    "That's why I never had to take a penny from anyone" that's a shot at the NCAA

  • Gary Strong

    Gary Strong

    3 days ago

    What up doe Detroit in the building

  • T Mo

    T Mo

    3 days ago

    Christopher Mayce Webber my dog C-Webb. Glad he made it in well deserved my friend. Top 10 PF of all time.

  • Massimo Ramaioli

    Massimo Ramaioli

    3 days ago

    is he an even better speaker than baller?

  • Chase Randall

    Chase Randall

    3 days ago

    Class act! Congrats C-webb!

  • ben baker

    ben baker

    3 days ago

    men that changed the uniform system, stretched their necks out to change how old white men thought, Jump forward to 2021 and look how the little tight shirts and shorts are coming back! From a 50 year these kids suck! Anyone that would choose to wear tight shorts needs to be whipped! lol

  • Michael Whitfield

    Michael Whitfield

    3 days ago

    What about J Rose, let it go, stop holding onto a beef jus for relevancy, c'mon C Webb

  • Sam M

    Sam M

    3 days ago

    One of the greatest hall of fame speeches of all time!



    3 days ago

    The Fab 5 definitely changed those tight John Stockton shorts to the more loose ones you see today!!

  • Mike Shamhart

    Mike Shamhart

    3 days ago

    C Webb congratulations 🎉 2002 true champions And one of the best PF ever to play You are a true Sac King 👑

  • multi150nyc


    3 days ago

    About Damn Time !! Thanks C-Webb, and Congratulations.

  • makepeaceu


    3 days ago

    CWebb beautiful. So inspired by the person you are. Your class your grace. God has blessed you. You are a champion. (Wiping tears from my eyes)

  • Phillip Truth

    Phillip Truth

    3 days ago

    That's putting it straight...GRATITUDE.

  • 33bigmoney


    3 days ago

    Why some have masks some dont

  • Geroid Martin

    Geroid Martin

    3 days ago! That speech.. his humility, his appreciation of the past, the role of his successes and struggles. We as a society have to take more responsibility of taking care of not just our children, but all children. So that we can have more men and women making beautiful speeches such as this one. And less about negative events.

  • The Sports Card Kid

    The Sports Card Kid

    3 days ago

    You know what’s crazy how many people thank Thomas he must have helped a lot of guys ...



    3 days ago

    I always loved his game. One of my favorite players. What a awesome speech. Such great humbleness

  • Chris Wil

    Chris Wil

    4 days ago

    Westside!! #6Mile #Greenfield #Puritan #DetroitvsEverybody

  • lowpost23


    4 days ago

    Still can’t believe Nelson let this man walk after rook of the year.

  • PapiChulo3600


    4 days ago

    I wasn’t a fan of Chris after he left Golden State and broke that team up…but this was a GREAT speech.

  • chewpaeng12


    4 days ago

    One of my favorite Nba player and he played for my team the Warriors.

  • Chop Chop Reed

    Chop Chop Reed

    4 days ago

    My alumni, fab five forever

  • Justin Bustin

    Justin Bustin

    4 days ago

    Made me a happy teen from his mistake in the Ncaa championship, because i knew the Tarhells were playing against a champion

  • Greico Rolle

    Greico Rolle

    4 days ago

    One of my favorite players growing up

  • ruben gutierrez

    ruben gutierrez

    4 days ago

    Southfield, MI in the building!

  • Darryl Nelson

    Darryl Nelson

    4 days ago

    Could have paid it forward by attending a HBCU instead of a major White university that made millions of dollars of you.

  • Studio 1959

    Studio 1959

    4 days ago

    Chilliest NBA player ever..

  • Keyon Clark

    Keyon Clark

    4 days ago

    Salute to you big deserve this..and thank you for repping the city.
    Forever one of ours.
    Detroit Vs. Everybody

  • PonyPacks


    4 days ago

    I’ve always felt that Chris Webber is a really good looking man

  • Malique Amenhotep

    Malique Amenhotep

    4 days ago

    Right on! Humble and praise worthy like his all around basketball game. A man!!!

  • Aaron O. Richardson

    Aaron O. Richardson

    4 days ago

    Well done, Chris!
    The Richardson's

  • crewsiete


    4 days ago

    wait timeout! oh……..

  • Slam dunk productions

    Slam dunk productions

    4 days ago

    FINALY !

  • Rigo Prado

    Rigo Prado

    4 days ago

    C Webb is a legend what a amazing run in sacramento off an on the court, had the opportunity to see his jersey retired congrats on making the hall of fame blessings #4🙏🙌👋

  • socalflipat


    4 days ago

    he didn't deserved it

  • Johnny


    4 days ago

    Tyra Banks was not thanked

  • V Kelley

    V Kelley

    4 days ago

    So much respect!!!

  • Dj R Ford

    Dj R Ford

    4 days ago

    Great Speech!

  • Alden Bynum

    Alden Bynum

    4 days ago

    ‘Sports is the most fair platform, because it’s unfair to everyone’ - Chris Webber

  • King In My Own Mind

    King In My Own Mind

    4 days ago

    Incredible! Well dope his parents were able to be there.

  • Alan Brown

    Alan Brown

    4 days ago

    Webb got Bill Russell crying.

  • Da Suaveologist

    Da Suaveologist

    4 days ago

    Great speech but we all know webber took money from ed martin. Just because a person come from our home town or is our friend don't mean we forget. I don't think it was a big deal if somebody loaned him money but the NCAA feels like it is and now players can make money off themselves and it should've been this way

  • Anggara Sidjabat

    Anggara Sidjabat

    4 days ago

    ...C Webb deserved the HOF 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Good Man Great Heart

    Good Man Great Heart

    4 days ago

    Chris Webber is definitely a class act. Proud of this man and how he as progressed through the years.

  • Karon Williams

    Karon Williams

    4 days ago

    A blessed day to you brothers and sisters( we are ALL called to be brothers and sisters in Christ) .. I hope that you are all having a most wonderful day. 🙂 Over the years, I have enjoyed watching Chris Webber, Paul Pierce,, Kobe, Lebron, KD, Magic, Kareem, Steph. and etc.. etc.. etc.. It seems like such an honour for those great players and more, who have made it already, into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.. However, at this time, I am led to say, (especially to us Christians) I hope that as much as we enjoy watching the great players and the great game of basketball. I hope that we are PUTTING GOD FIRST overall in our lives. I hope that we all will read and have been reading the Bible, that we will pray, serve, fast, meditate on God's word, love, give, do and etc.. I do not see anything in the Bible, forbidding us from watching basketball in itself. I believe we can actually, learn lessons that can help us in our Christian walk. Ex..Teamwork, discipline, sacrifice, knowing our roles and etc..etc.. However, it can be problematic if we know more about about trades, teams, coaches, stats, the game in general..and etc.. etc.. than we do about the Bible, prayer, fasting, meditating on God's word, How to walk in the Spirit, how to mature in Christ, serve God and people, and etc... etc..etc..etc.... AND to the LOVED and CALLED TO CHRIST "unbeliever" (at this time)..Simply, God and Jesus Christ LOVES YOU and HAS A SPECIAL PLAN FOR YOU! I hope that you join our family in Christ, and discover your true identity as soon as possible! 🙂 The Lord Jesus gave himself for us, ( HE DIED FOR US 🙂) He lived a SINLESS LIFE and HOLY life...He walked on this earth, loving and blessing people. Healing the sick, giving the deaf hearing, the blind sight, doing miracles...and so so many, many more WONDERFUL, things... However, their was some that envied him, they killed him, he was buried, but GOD RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD🙂🙂... And he IS ALIVE FOREVERMORE!!🙂🙂...and he is at the RIGHT HAND OF THE FATHER IN HEAVEN...Also, Praise God, AMAZINGLY, his Spirit also LIVES in US!🙂
    The Lord (Jesus) chose give to up his life, to take away our sin and defeat death! So we can have LIFE!🙂 (WE ARE ALL BORN SINNERS, we inherited it in our flesh from our oldest ancestor Adam, who ate the forbidden fruit.) So I hope that you will choose LIFE! Choose JESUS!🙂 Yes, please, I encourage you, find as much you can/ need to about the KING OF KINGS and the LORD OF LORDS!
    The Bible says: JOHN 3:16 (KJV)
    16 For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have EVERLASTING LIFE... the Bible also says: ROMANS 10:9-10 (KJV)
    That if you confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt BELIEVE in thine heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
    10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made into SALVATION...So FAMILY, Christian and non Christian, (at this time) I encourage you, like as seemingly some of the NBA players are preparing for the upcoming season, Lord willing. Let us prepare and wait for OUR LORD'S COMING! 🙂🙂.. HE IS COMING BACK! SO LET GET READY and BE READY for WHENEVER HE COMES! Peace and love to all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! 🙂

  • Altair76


    4 days ago

    "You protected me from the Vultures." The vultures are real, man, They're real.

  • Kwame Tenkorang

    Kwame Tenkorang

    4 days ago

    Isaiah Thomas once said getting into the hall of fame is kinda like when you die and hope you get into heaven. I don't like his analogy, but I get his drift. Well, I wanna say that as great as it may seem to get into the hall of fame, please make sure you give your heart to Jesus and be born again,...because you do not want to miss heaven. If people are so happy to get into the hall of fame, then you have no idea the joy and the thrill of getting into heaven and being with Jesus forever. Repent and be born again, receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior and live a HOLY LIFE UNTO THE LORD!!!

  • Mandla Mofenye

    Mandla Mofenye

    4 days ago

    Chris should write a book, he's good

  • monta ellis

    monta ellis

    4 days ago

    amazing speach